Corona CT 70




The Schüco Corona CT70 Classic window was introduced on the market a few years ago, since then it gathered a large amount of followers. The window is characterized by great thermal insulation properties thanks to the wide frame and sash (70 mm) with triple glazing option. The classic form of the profiles and low placed gaskets fulfill all the expectations of modern architacture. The windows can be manufactured in a rich color palette. An especially important factor is the possiblity to manufacture the windows in metalic varnish adapted from the automotive industry (AutomotiveFinish technology). The Classic model has a simple sash.





Corona 70 window

■ 3 designs of opening: Classic (70 mm),Rondo (78 mm) and Cava (82 mm)
■ Pro"les with 5 reinforced insulation chambers
■ Double leaves, central hinge from 114 mm
■ 2 or 3 joints sealing system on the EPDMor thermo-weldable versions
■ Thermal performance: Uw ≤ 1.3 W/m².K
■ AWW performance: A*4 W*9A W*C5/B5
■ Acoustic performance: Rw = 46 (-2,-4)
■ Maximum glazing thickness: up to 40 mm(Classic & Rondo) and 52 mm (Cava)
■ Maximum dimensions L x H:1000 x 2300 mm (single leaf)

Corona 70 door

■ 1 to 5 point security locks, roller latch and pivoting deadbolt, automatic or motorised
■ Threshold adapted to people with reduced mobility
■ Thermal performance: Ud ≤ 1.8 W/m².K
■ Maximum glazing thickness: up to 40 mm
■ Opening types: single or double leaves, interior and exterior

■ WindStop sealing system for single or double leaves doors and French windows: A*3 W*8A W*A3

■ Technical Application Document n° 6/11-2009



The choice of colours also fulfils every requirement. The exclusive Schüco AutomotiveFinish surface finish technology provides Schüco LivIng windows and doors with a brilliant metallic design, which is only matched elsewhere by the automotive industry.

The range of Schüco foils comprising more than 170 single colours and woodgrains, as well as aluminium cover caps from the Schüco TopAlu* series, cover all the RAL and anodised colours and offer a wide variety of design options.



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