Maco Multi-Trend Hardware








MACO MULTI TREND – One for all ...

The modular technology of our fittings offers you all of these possibilities in one single programme. Simply: One for all ...

Fittings that fulfil all your tilt and turn window requirements!


- Secure

The issue of a windows burglar resistance gains more prominence every day. You need to be able to produce windows that are both reliable and secure.

 - Functional

Fittings solutions that optically enhance your windows beyond comparison. Your customers should have the feeling that they are getting something special.

 - Fast

In an ever changing market new window fabrication methods are constantly being developed. As the window production times are reduced the installation of the hardware has to be able to keep up with the pace of production.


A basic fittings programme to fabricate all types of windows. With the aid of just a few additional fittings, you can make windows that are more secure, better looking and in different shapes and styles. Advantages that you will be able to rely on for many years to come.





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