Wood Grain ADEC

• The Decoral coating process makes it possible to powder coat our Aluminium profiles, with a „wood-grain” or „marble effect” choice of pattern.

• The technology used in the process & the way in which it has been applied, are in accordance with Qualicoat & Qualideco specification.

• The process is flexible enough to permit the painting of Aluminium profile and metal sheet.

• Further *specialist colour options, including bespoke or custom requests for specific project needs, can be available subject to a minimum order value.

Aluprof’s Decoral range includes 9 basic colours:


• ADEC D101 - golden oak

• ADEC O102 - walnut

• ADEC M103 - mahogany

• ADEC M204 - mahogany sapeli

• ADEC O205 - walnut vein

• ADEC S106 - pine

• ADEC J107 - fir

• ADEC B108 - beech

• ADEC W109 - cherry





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