Schüco AutomotiveFinish

The Schüco AutomotiveFinish coating technology is an innovative process for colouring PVC-U profiles. It is the expertise of the automotive paint industry with the most exacting technical requirements for colour rendering and resistance to environmental factors that lies behind the colour formulation.

Product benefits:


  • Energy consumption is much lower in comparison with other coating procedures
  • Resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process


  • Schüco AutomotiveFinish now provides architects and clients with an additional option to make the building envelope more attractive and express style 
  • The brilliance of the indiidual colours is achieved by using special colour pigments which are also weather resistant and thermally optimised
  • The gloss is individually formulated for each colour to create a modern perception

enhanced functions:

  • RAL-tested surface finishes
  • A comprehensive and long-term range of tests prove it to be a safe product, setting new standards in term of quality and durability as follows:
    • Colour stability after artificial weathering
    • Chemical resistance
    • Wear resistance (even for high gloss surfaces)
    • Heat absorption
    • Adhesion to the base profile
  • The product range covers 12 metallic colours for the inside and outside, as well as 2 special colours for use inside. 


  • They are fabricated in the same way as conventional foiled profiles
  • Additional system reliability for the fabricator during production and installation dute to high chemical resistance and wear resistance.



Schüco Automotive Finish Colors

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